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Training Update

We shared some pictures a few weeks ago from our training event and now we'll share a few things we were working on. In an effort to provide modern eye wear and eye care to our patients we need to keep updating our skills, our products, and our equipment.  We are excited to now have some new progressive lenses not found anywhere else on Cape Breton! These lenses have options for those looking to emphasize comfort in their viewing (Apex HD2), who want the best all around vision especially when focused on near tasks (Digital FX2), or who want the best all around vision possible and love being on the cutting edge of technology (Personal Fit). These new lenses, especially the Personal Fit, allow us to provide a lens that is based on how the frame fits on your face. A different frame (or a different face!) means a different design in the lens. A truly personalized solution! All this technology means we had to learn some new skills.

We also now have a new non-glare coating for most of our progressive, office, and single vision lenses - the super hi vision EX3. This coating works great against dirt and dust, reflections and glare, scratches, and moisture. Through various studies, some out of Montreal, the EX3 coating was shown to be even more scratch resistant than glass! It also comes with a TWO YEAR warranty against scratches and manufacturers defect! We're very excited about this ground breaking coating.

This was a quick glimpse of how we're updating our skills and products. Stay tuned to get an update on our new piece of equipment!