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New Equipment to Improve Our Eye Exam!

We are really happy to announce that we have a new piece of equipment for monitoring the inside of your eye - the Daytona! 20160523_110554This machine allows us to take an optomap which produces an image that is a unique, high-resolution 200° image of your retina (inside of your eye). This is a much wider view of your retina than any other imaging device (80% vs 15%!), and will provide our patients with the greatest chance of earlier disease detection and treatment. The Daytona is one of the newest pieces from the optos company, provides much better resolution and a new autofluorescence function compared to its older models. Better resolution means we can see more detail and spot disease sooner. The autofluorescence is useful in detecting and monitoring diseases such as macular degeneration, and  retinal toxicity cases from certain drugs (e.g. plaquenil or hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis). Come in to see the only Daytona in Cape Breton!