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Win 1 of 4 Rounds of Golf!

Golf season has arrived and so have our special golf sunglasses from Nike! Every person who comes in to try on a pair of our Nike Golf sunglasses will get a ballot to win a green fee at Highland Links golf course in Ingonish! We'll be giving away 4 green fees: one each for May, June, July, and August.

EV0871 010 AWhat is so special about these Nike Golf sunglasses?  Most of us on the golf course wear sun protection of some sort, and lately, most of these lenses are a polarized lens. Polarized lenses are great for cutting down glare from water, but by doing this they tend to make things appear flatter than they really are. Great for seeing that fish in the water, not so great when you're lining up your putt! The Nike Golf sunglass lenses feature Nike MAX Optics Golf Tint, a patented technology that amplifies the white of the ball and enhances the contours of the green. So not only can you follow your ball easier, you can also read your putts better.

These are available in non-prescription, as well as prescription, lenses. For you progressive lens wearers out there, Nike has partnered with Shamir labs to design a progressive lens specifically for golfer's needs.  Check out the easy to understand video:

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Come on in and try a pair on! You never know, it may get you a free round of golf.