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Cape Breton-born Optometrist Happy to Return to Island

Since he was in high school, optometrist Dr. Shaun MacInnis knew he wanted to do something related to medicine. But his stomach for surgeries wasn’t always that great, so he set his vision on either teeth or eyes. “I was between eyes and teeth, but I didn’t want to go in mouths all day so that’s where I got to eyes,” he laughed. After working in Halifax for eight years he eventually came back home, taking over Island EyeCare Ltd. in Sydney three and a half years ago. Starting off with a staff of six people, including himself, Island EyeCare now has three optometrists and 11 staff.

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At the direction of Department of Health, our doors are currently closed and we are unable to see patients for routine exams due to COVID-19. If you have questions about glasses, contact lenses, or dry eye products we can still be reached by phone, email or Facebook. You can also order contact lenses and dry eye products from our webstore here. Our doctors will still see urgent cases. An urgent case includes:

  1. Sudden loss or decrease of vision
  2. New flashing lights or spots in your vision
  3. Foreign body in the eye or ocular injury
  4. Sudden onset of a painful eye
  5. Sudden onset of double vision or a drooping eyelid

If you have any of these symptoms please call the clinic and our team will get you looked after.

Stay safe everyone!