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Founded in Germany in1970, Stepper was founded by master optician, Hans Stepper, a second generation optician. Stepper’s mission was to create fashionable frames with a focus on fit and comfort, using state-of-the-art materials. Today the Stepper name carries seven different brands ranging in target market (price), material and technology, and exclusivity but remaining consistent in quality and design.

Stepper’s brand names include the Stepper Eyewear, Steppers, Fusion Stepper, Eclectic Collection Stepper, Exclusive Stepper, and Argentum Stepper. Their most luxurious brand, Aurum, which means “gold” in Latin, is crafted by goldsmiths using 18 carat gold, made to order with gemstones. Stepper is an innovator in eyewear technology, dedicated to using combinations of the highest quality materials for durable and lightweight eyewear without compromising on luxury and style. Every year over 150 new styles are released by Stepper Eyewear.


At the direction of Department of Health, our doors are currently closed and we are unable to see patients for routine exams due to COVID-19. If you have questions about glasses, contact lenses, or dry eye products we can still be reached by phone, email or Facebook. You can also order contact lenses and dry eye products from our webstore here. Our doctors will still see urgent cases. An urgent case includes:

  1. Sudden loss or decrease of vision
  2. New flashing lights or spots in your vision
  3. Foreign body in the eye or ocular injury
  4. Sudden onset of a painful eye
  5. Sudden onset of double vision or a drooping eyelid

If you have any of these symptoms please call the clinic and our team will get you looked after.

Stay safe everyone!